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The Liberian-Japanese Friendship Maternity Hospital

The Liberian Japanese Friendship Maternity Hospital (LJFMH) is one of the four components of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center located on the 22nd street, sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia. The hospital was a project granted to the government and peoples of Liberia on July 13, 1981feom the Government and people of Japan under exchange note agreement.

In 1982-1983, the hospital was erected under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of public works and JFKMC. Due to the 1990 Liberian Civil war, the hospital was looted and regular operations ceased. On January 27, 2009, the hospital was rehabilitated through another grant from the government of japan and formally inaugurated November 25, 2010.

Current Status:
Since 2010, the LJFMH has continued to function serving (out patients department OPD 18,546, OB 13,857, GYN 4,689, deliveries 3,133, ER 5,354 etc...) annually providing in-patient and out-patient services such as: antenatal care, labor and delivery, neonatal and post-natal care, family planning and GYN care.

The LJFMH has a total number of 139 beds and 58 bassinets. The building is divided into two sections: The ground floor is home to Emergency Room ER, Labor/delivery room, Laboratory, out-patient Department (OPD), Medical records, “Parenting the Parents” program office, Pharmacy, Dietary, Housekeeping, Laundry and security departments. The first flood houses the following units: Operating room, OBGYN, intensive care unit (ICU) and Neonatal intensive care Unit (NICU).

The LJFMH  Out Patient Department (OPD) services run from Monday to Fridays, 8AM to $PM and Emergency services runs for 24 hours seven days a week from  Monday to Sunday.  Maternity has a team of qualified Doctors (OB GYN consultants, Medical Doctors) Nurse-midwives, Nurses, other staff, support staff, nursing supervisors and administrators who run the affairs of the institution.   The LJFMH is ever-present   and always ready to deliver the Republic of Liberia’s next generation; fulfilling the medical center’s vision to build a strong, viable and healthy nation.