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Obstetrics and Gynecological Services

The dental department of the JFK Medical Center provides the following services:

  • Our OB/GYN services cover a wide range of preventive and curative care services, including pap smears, STI testing, pelvic exams, ultrasounds, and blood work. Our services are categorized as follows:

    Women’s health services – pap smears, breast cancer screenings, gynecological cancer screenings, pelvic pain evaluations and urinary incontinence treatment. Additional health and wellness services may include nutrition programs, prenatal yoga classes, pregnancy classes, or educational workshops that teach women how to be healthy and happy.

    Pregnancy care – Pre-pregnancy, planning services, prenatal care, pregnancy care and postpartum care. Additional pregnancy, labor and delivery services include genetic screening, nurse midwifery, gestational diabetes management and breastfeeding education, as well as further precautionary tests and services for women of advanced maternal age (generally age 35 and over).

    Surgical procedures – Hysterectomies, endometrial, ablations, colposcopies, dilation and curettage and transvaginal ultrasounds; Many of the surgical procedures performed by our OBGYN department are minimally invasive.

    Specialty care – diagnosing and treating cancers affecting a woman’s reproductive system;

Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors

    • Dr. Billy Johnson 
    • Dr. Espoir M. Mokwa 
    • Dr. Numeine Enders 
    • Dr. Fokape Duyenko 
    • Dr. Korto Dorboh-Sannor 
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