Key Administrative Achievements of the JFK Administration in 2021 and Prospects for 2022

Key Administrative Achievements of the JFK Administration in 2021 and Prospects for 2022

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Medical Center CEO Dr. Jerry Fahnloe Brown outlines Key Administrative achievements In 2021 and Prospects for 2022.

The Chief Executive Officer and General Administrator of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Medical Center Dr. Jerry Fahnloe Brown today made an appearance on the program “INSIDE JFK” on ELBC 99.9 FM, a 45 minutes weekly radio program that is organized by the Communications department of the Medical Center and intended to inform the public about the happenings within the Medical Center. 

During his appearance on the program, the CEO of the JFK outlined several achievements of his Administration at the Medical Center during the year 2021 in review. Dr. Brown outlined the key administrative achievements of his Administration into four (4) major categories. 
(1) Human Capacity Building & Training
(2) Improvement in Clinical Services
(3) Infrastructural Development
(4) Adaption of New Policies

In terms of Human Capacity Building, the CEO indicated that the JFK is the primary Teaching Hospital for the A.M Dogliotti College of Medicine, the Liberian College of Physicians and Surgeons, and under this arrangement, the Medical Center was able to have graduated over thirty (30) Residents Doctors in collaboration with the LCPS. He said, two Doctors of the Medical Center also became Fellows of the West African College of Physicians while another Doctor became a member of the WACPS, something he described as a remarkable achievement of the JFK Medical Center. At the Tubman National Institute of Medical Arts (TNIMA), the Medical Center graduated over Eighty-four (84) students in various disciplines and those graduates are now contributing significantly to the Health sector of Liberia, and more students have been capped and accepted at the Medical school for training. The CEO of the JFK went further to announce that the Medical Center also sponsored a few Liberian Doctors to specialize in other areas within the medical fields of which one of the Doctors is currently in South Africa studying Emergency Medicine, while the other is in Malawi specializing in Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) management. There is also three staff of the Medical Center that is currently studying Nurse anesthetic in order to enhance the anesthesia workforce at the hospital and in addition to these, the Medical Center also recruited other professionals such as another Radiologist who will work along with the other Radiologist to commence the training of other staff at the Medical Center and also X-ray Technicians. A Cardiologist and another Dentist, along with a  Gynecologist, Anesthesiologist, and additional Surgeons were also recruited and brought in in order to help beef up the current capacity of the Medical Center in an effort to provide quality and affordable health care. 

In the improvement of Clinical Services, the JFK CEO said that there has been a reduction in Maternal Mortality by one percent ( 1%) at the Maternity Hospital, which is an indication that the number of Children dying during previous years as a result of other medical complications has reduced. There was also a reduction in maternal mortality but there are still some challenges with Neonatal mortality as a result of late arrival referrals from other Medical facilities and there are mechanisms currently being put into place in order to minimize the situation. The Korleb-bu Neuroscience Foundation KBNF, a partner to the JFK Medical Center traveled from the United States with a surgical Team and conducted more than Forty (40) surgeries on individuals with different neurosurgical complications and the outreach went out successfully. There was also a reduction in admissions due to the impact of COVID-19 on the Medical Center.

Under Infrastructure development, Dr. Brown asserted that the Management of the Medical Center managed to have renovated and equipped the Dental Department at the facility, upgrading it to a modern state-of-the-art facility and the project is now at 85% and will soon be fully completed. The Trauma and Intensive Care Unit was also completed and dedicated in collaboration with the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and the government of Liberia. In collaboration with PREVAIL and the National Health Institute (NIH), the Medical Center was able to rehabilitate the Central Laboratory and the Central Pharmacy, and both facilities are expected to be dedicated shortly. Four (4) out of Nine (9) operating theaters were equipped and thanks to the National Legislature for the increase in budgetary allotment for this project, thanks also to Liberia Chambers of Commerce for their support towards this initiative. The goal is to have seven (7) theaters fully functional at the Memorial Hospital and also the three (3) at the Maternity Hospital. At the E.S Grant Mental Health Hospital, there were some renovation works carried out at the facility which provided offices for the lead clinicians and also the procurement of an ECG machine to improve the Service delivery at the facility and also provide training and accreditation for clinicians. The construction of the 20th street fence wall of the facility was also completed as well as the improvement in the sanitation of the hospital as it relates to garbage disposable through the creation of an incinerator to burn medical waste. 

The Chief Executive Officer of the JFK Dr. Jerry Fahnloe Brown also listed some new policies that have been introduced by the Management of the Medical Center through the help of its partner the United States Agency For International Development (USAID) and they are as follows: 
* Cash Management Policy
* Human Resources Policy 
* Admission and Referral policies etc.

The JFK CEO also outlined some prospects of his Administration in 2022. He said one of his Administration’s topmost priorities will be focused on providing proper patient care and customer service at the Medical Center. Procuring a Digital X-ray machine, a Mammogram machine to detect breast cancer in Women, equipping of additional Operating theaters, organizing of staff appreciation Program and Honoring dedicated staff, improvement in the financial system of the Medical Center with the introduction of e-banking, Electronic Medical Records system, expansion of Maternity Hospital with additional consultation Rooms, etc.

The CEO concluded by thanking all local and international partners for their continuous support to the Medical Center.

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